Тема: Израиль ! Нам 73 - вот пролет там Ефрофайтер и Тайфун

Израиль ! Нам 73 - вот пролет там Ефрофайтер и Тайфун 


Today is the day when friend and brother Israeli state was formed. Today is the 73rd anniversary of Israel's independence. We congratulate our Jewish friends in Israel,  Europe, and America on the occasion of Independence Day, including friends and brother Jewish people! Israel and Azerbaijan have a strong and eternal friendship with deep roots. Israel is a country that supports Azerbaijan in many ways and supports it. The success, rise, and strength of our friends is also our success and empowerment. Azerbaijan's Israeli friendship is in the independence of brotherhood. Our nations are becoming brothers day by day and bonding with more and more intense kindness to each other. This situation is a very important contribution and support to both Azerbaijan's and Israel's State interests. The deep and tight friendship between Israel and Azerbaijan serves the political and economic interests of both countries in the region and in the world. Deepening and strengthening these friendship and brotherhood relations is very important in ensuring the interests of our nations and also Israel and Azerbaijan. In this direction,
our Jewish compatriots and brothers living in Israel have a great historical mission.
Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu expressed very well. We need to try and strengthen the friendship bridge.
May the friendship and brotherhood of our nations be eternal and eternal.
We wish all friends and brothers, Jewish people, ‚brother Israeli state blessings and happiness ‚prosperity and fortune.
Long live the brotherhood of Israel and Azerbaijan. AMEN!
congratulations!!Happy birthday to you!! God Bless you İsrael!

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