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..хотя что мы на деле знаем о Иранско-Китайском сотрудничестве?

Межгосударственная программа гуманитарной помощи "Нефть в обмен на С-300".. :o

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Да, [s]них[/s] ничего мы не знаем о Китайско-иранском сотрудничестве.

TEHRAN, April 23 (UPI) -- China inaugurated a missile plant in Iran last month ... factory for assembling and producing Iran's Nasr-1 - Victory 1 - anti-ship missile was opened March 7
http://www.upi.com/Business_News/Securi … 272037022/

цитаты из статьи:

The Nasr is identical to China's C-704 anti-ship missile. The C-704 targets ships of 1,000-4,000 tons displacement and is the equivalent of the U.S. AGM-119 anti-ship missile. With a range of 106 miles and a 240-pound warhead, the C-704 has a kill probability of 95.7 percent.

Iran's ... has been producing Chinese-designed anti-ship missiles such as the C-801 since the early 1990s. Over the years Iran has developed a range of anti-ship missile systems from the Chinese weapons

The Iranians, possibly with Chinese assistance, have even developed improved versions such as the Noor, an upgraded version of China's C-802

There are other cooperative tactical missile programs under way and China's design bureaus have displayed several 'export only' weapons (such as the C-705 lightweight cruise missile)

China imports around 12% of its oil from Iran and seeks to secure Iranian natural gas through overland pipelines

unlike Russia, China has been very successful in offering Iran technology and capabilities that are actually wanted, as opposed to those that might be 'nice to have.'

While these Chinese-origin systems have provided Iran with invaluable missile technology, this has had little or no impact on the development of its ballistic missile capabilities.

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Оснащение дурдомов компьютерной техникой идет семимильными шагами.
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