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Object 292.

A T-80 with a 152mm gun ? Yup. It happened. The CB Kirov Plant based in Leningrad (JSC Spetsmash, St Petersburg) designed this baby in 1990. It was an experimental tank, based on the chassis of the T-80BV with a brand new cast turret and a 152.4mm smoothbore gun. The 292 held 16 rounds of ammo in a turret bustle.

Tests on the firing range in 1991 were conclusive: The tank was stable, the chassis and engine took the added weight of the larger gun well. The gun itself was hard hitting and accurate enough, although it was only to be there temporarily! The smoothbore was a stop gap as the designers wanted to ultimately mount a rifled 152mm gun instead !

But 1991 was the year the USSR crumbled under its own weight and vanished... And with it vanished the dreams of the Kirov Plant to equip the Red Army with a brand new tank...

кировский вариант Т-80 со 152 мм пушкой и боекомплектом 16 снарядов в кормовой части башни

интересно было бы посмотреть, как этот танк подпрыгивал после каждого выстрела


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Более чем скромный боекомплект ....За каждый промах наводчику пять суток "губы" ))))))