Тема: квантовый компьютер

D-Wave Systems has released 2000Q, its latest quantum computer. In conjunction with the 2000Q, D-Wave also announced the first customer: Temporal Defense Systems Inc., a cyber security firm.

True to its name, the 2000Q is equipped with a 2000-qubit quantum processing unit (QPU), doubling the 1000 qubits the company offered on its D-Wave 2X system launched in 2015. According to D-Wave, the new system makes good on its promise to double the number of qubits it offers every two years.

Although exact terms of the TDS purchase were not made public, D-Wave stated that a 2000Q machine is “valued at $15 million.”


Оснащение дурдомов компьютерной техникой идет семимильными шагами.
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