Тема: новый Advanced Missile Warning Sensor

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., March 2, 2009

Raytheon Company has completed performance testing of an infrared missile warning sensor that monitors an entire hemisphere from a single telescope.

"A persistent sensor that can cover the entire earth..."

The sensor is the central feature of the Third Generation Infrared System

Formerly known as the Risk Reduction Alternative Infrared Satellite System, the program aims to demonstrate that wide-field-of-view sensors can maintain persistent full-earth surveillance for missile warning in a relatively small, low-risk and easily manufactured payload.

the sensor represents a major technology advance in comparison with the sensors of the Defense Support Program and the Space-based Infrared System High. Both rely on scanning mechanisms to perform full-earth surveillance of missiles and other infrared targets. The tests indicate the Raytheon sensor, which does not require scanning mechanisms and can easily incorporate advances in focal-plane technology, will outperform the other sensors

Чем больше я смотрю на человечество, тем больше хочется повторения Всемирного потопа (с)



Re: новый Advanced Missile Warning Sensor

Нифигассе... Один спутник на орбите с одной ИК станцией будет следить за всем земным полушарием? Капец факелам наших МБР.